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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  December 3, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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is it the start of neo liberalism. pope john paul the 2nd mrs poland in ships of the bulge threatens the old order. for a bit this could be the end of communism that includes. modern crisis and. the story of an era that defines our lives today. 979 the big bang that created today's movie starts december 23rd t.w. . well they say 70 is the new 50 that's not exactly what they're saying at nato as the world's mightiest military alliance marks 7 decades don't be surprised if you encounter terms such as grumpy old men or an alliance past its prime tonight from trump to mccrone from russia to turkey the names in the issues responsible for an alliance that some say is showing its age i'm broke off in berlin this is the
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day. everybody sees the value in safety in numbers coming together of course we have tensions because we have many countries as i said many countries with they all say yes i knew that in my in my statement 3 days omission chicken little beat a lot of people at the gate is a long way to go. our way for a car when you do that one let me to even if you feel that the fault. is a very good look at me. you see that the actual delivery we are doing more we are together but take it's obvious that the alliance needs to be renewed but you can.
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also coming up with the poison gas they claimed thousands of lives in bhopal india 35 years after the world's worst industrial disaster angry calls for justice remain undiminished and an answer. these killers did not heed anything why have they not been brought to court why haven't they been hanged they are responsible for this. one to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day as nato turns 70 in many ways the world's most powerful military alliance after 7 decades of existence exhibits characteristics that you could expect from a person turning 7 you could call it the natives senior citizen syndrome those natives still matter at 70 how would tune is a cold war alliance to the 21st century us president on drum month so long ago cold
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nato obsolete but he was not the 1st or last to suggest that nato has identity issues or even x.'s stench and sed similar questions were posed immediately after the berlin wall fell and the soviet union fell apart most recently french president mccrone complained of a brain death at nato a result of america's disengagement in the alliance tonight nato at 70 how old or how young is the alliance really nato performs on an impressive scale exercises like this united and with clear leadership but the political reality often looks different better quotables occur frequently the latest on tiger nest french president emanuel macron he criticized me to his brain damage in an interview with british news magazine the economist
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a damaging political slap in the face just before the meeting in london. reported on my call in micro is very media savvy and knows how these things work and he knows how to make his voice heard. claire the timing before the meeting in london was chosen deliberately or it could look at. the french president's remark was mainly aimed at turkey for its military operations undertaken without consulting nato partners turkey is a geo strategically important nato member but it has stepped out of line with its offensive in northern syria nato the only major western military alliance was paralysed to intervene another problem turkey has entered an arms deal with russia buying a strategic missile defense system whose shocking war experts have agreed for months and even years that there's a problem with the alliance only
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a problem dollars. a problem that u.s. president donald trump has exacerbated time and again america's withdrawal from syria surprised the alliance showing that the most powerful and until name most reliable nato member is acting without consulting its european partners well known are problematic now we have a problem with the americans a problem in the west with transatlantic relations why the americans see the europeans knew that the problem nor the solution. nato secretary general un stoltenberg is under pressure he's seeking a clear commitment from all members 1st strong alliance for stoltenberg it's also a budgetary issue last year is we have seen that have started to increase again more troops or more exercises more investments start in barrick also try to get mccrone on board during a short visit to paris but without success france's president repeated his
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criticism. that there probably needed to be a wake up call and i'm happy that i was able to spark a debate and that we can now think about our strategic goals. objectives strategic but stoltenberg did receive support from barry lynn german chancellor and of america all defended nato. and this isn't of interest and we depend on this transatlantic alliance and that's why it's right for us to work for this alliance and take on more responsibility. 70 years since the defense alliance was founded the global security situation is much more complex than it was during the cold war tensions over u.s. leadership alarm at turkey's small arming ties with russia and france doubts about nato is the viability the aline's is are not for asia but only from the outside. never used catherine martin's reporting there let's bring in our correspondent max hoffmann he joins us from london tonight good evening to you max so nato at 7 and
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there have always been critics of the alliance but you won't find many people talking about nato celebrating its birthday is that justified realism or would you say due to excessive pessimism. it seems like at the moment they're trying to avoid a fight there sort of a truce going on here in london not to talk about the multiple problems that were also mentioned in that report by catherine martens and that plague the alliance but to say ok this is the 70th out of verse 3 let's talk about it later sort of you know in your own poll turned 70 and you know that the family members have some issues and they decide not to not to that's a fight during the party so it reminds me of that but you know the world in the situation in which nato is today 70 years after its foundation is very different
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from the situation it was in up until the 1990 s. . i want to ask you about what the french president said in that interview with the economist last month you know warning of brain death at nato as a result of u.s. disengagement in the alliance what's the feeling among nato members now is is he telling the truth is he right. almost every member state rejected that language including i'm going to back who usually isn't that outspoken also donald trump rejected it and the turkish president in his own drastic way even called him on you and i call himself brain dead because he said that but when it comes to what he meant by it that the foundation of nato isn't necessarily what it used to be than many at nato say he does have a point just take the simple example. the turkish that are part of the alliance
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call the kurds in northern syria terrorists but they are at the same time the allies of the americans so of donald donald trump and the military of the united states of america so indeed they don't necessarily have the same foundation they're in a severe good point that we're going to be talking about a little bit later in the program as well the u.s. president donald trump he's accused other nato members of being free lookers not paying their fair share for defense of nato he's also question nato whose usefulness how much damage would you say has been done by the u.s. president making those accusations. there has been a reversal of roles to some point donald trump no longer says that he thinks nato is useless apparently he has seen the use of it at least for his personal aims and
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in the here he's the one defending the nato. as opposed to him i know in my column has been much more destructive in his narrative of nato in the last days but you're right about the spending. this is still a favorite topic of donald trump and we'll see how he deals with that on wednesday when the leaders actually come together the works against our efforts henri day but then tomorrow they will really have to work in those different working sessions and that's when. these issues usually come to the table meaning that's when he usually criticizes germany for not spending those 2 percent of g.d.p. or other european nations but of course if you look at the numbers they've increased a lot since donald trump has taken office. 3 countries back then only met that goal of 2 percent of g.d.p. now you have 9 countries and you know it makes we we can talk about many things that have changed including the u.s. president's position on nato but one thing that hasn't changed and that is the
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soviet union or now russia russia remains the nemesis of nato that has not changed in in these past 70 years we would agree with that. where there was a period where there was where they got a lot closer with russia just right after the fall of the berlin wall and up until you know even not a couple with 5 or 6 years ago the situation really changed been reading your food and decided to take action in eastern ukraine and also in crimea that was the turning point for the alliance some called it a wake up call and that's when russia was really officially identified as a threat to nato especially of course in the eastern states of the nato alliance the baltic states poland and that still remains the case but what was it what i
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mentioned earlier brant is that the world has gotten complicated it's no longer just russia it's also the threat from the south what's happening in syria it's also china as will be officially mentioned tomorrow because we're not only talking about the real world but also cyber space and that's why the americans for example will urge the europeans again not to do business with chinese companies as who await when it comes to installing a 5 g. network in the european union. our correspondent max hoffman joining us tonight from london where those 70th anniversary commemorations are taking place for nato max thank you. well turkey's a military incursion into northern syria last october is 1 of the latest issues putting strains on nato turkey considers the kurdish y p g militia in northern syria to be a terrorist group but the y.p. jean there are allies of the united states and they were keen to breaking the isis
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caliphate or here's french president emmanuel macron with strong criticism of turkey delivered earlier today. but is it going to be the author of the. answer to. this in a dish i believe on the day. when. they now finally get a little fun with our. shot of. the day and sometimes it will be close. and if you. know that was the french president there posing the question is my enemy also your enemy if we are both nato members will for more on nato this bring in steven cook he's a senior fellow for middle east and africa studies at the council on foreign relations in washington d.c.
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good evening to you stephen you know we just heard french president when you were a micron accusing turkey of working with isis proxy groups attached to isis i mean is that true that do we have evidence that turkey is working with groups that work with isis. you know i've never seen any convincing evidence that turkey's working directly with isis or isis proxies this far better evidence that turkey has worked with al qaida and al qaeda affiliates in syria and in fact that there is some of the militias that they are working with and what they call the syrian national army are in fact militias that are affiliated with or connected to al qaida in some way i think that the french president's statement on this is is a bit over the top although he is raising a very good question of when he asks why are you fighting against the people who are fighting with us against the islamic state let's look at it from the
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angle of turkey turkey is demanding its nato allies treat the syrian kurds of the wind. as terror they say you know you should see them the way we see them in turkey have a valid point. well it to some extent it does the why p.g. is a group that is directly linked to the p.k. k. a kurdish turkish terrorist organization has been waging a campaign of violence against turkey since the mid 1980 s. though when you separate the 2 groups the y. p.g. from the p.k. kate once hard pressed to make the argument that the why p.g. has directly targeted turkey or turkish civilians or the turkish military the why p.g. has been allied with the united states in the fight against the islamic state nevertheless this doesn't diminish the turkish sense of threat coming from the fact that the why
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p.g. is so closely associated with the p k k we you look at turkey a nato it looks in the eyes of many as to be the black sheep of nato but it's also we have to say it's had success on playing hardball recently we're going to have a look at that issue in just a 2nd but 1st i want to go back to the last week which was the week of the thinks giving holiday in the united states take a listen it saves that democrats are accusing me of being too soft on turkey but bread and butter i should note that i'd like previous witnesses you and i have actually met it's very unusual. liz explain this to our international audience that the u.s. president they're kind of making a pun about forgiving the country turkey while he pardons the things giving
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turkey which is a tradition a presidential tradition in the united states and are the democrats right however when they criticize trunk for not being hard enough on turkey. well it's not just democrats there are republicans who are outraged at the way in which president trump has been solicitous towards what they perceive to be turkey's bad behavior on october 29th with which happens to be turkish republic day. the house of representatives passed in an overwhelming bipartisan fashion 2 resolutions one recognizing the armenian genocide in a 2nd one calling for sanctions to be applied on turkey there's very little these days that the house of representatives does that in a bipartisan manner but nevertheless turkey and its actions in northeastern syrian a number of other actions including the purchase of the russian s 400 air defense
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system has brought house democrats and house republicans together as well as prominent senate republicans and senate democrats just yesterday senator chris van hollen a democrat from maryland and senator lindsey graham one of the president's staunchest supporters was a republican from south carolina where a very strong letter to secretary of state my prom peo asking for him to impose sanctions on turkey for turkey's purchase of the f. 400 defense system yeah i mean there's so many completely signals here because the trouble also justified his decision to pull u.s. forces out of northern syria because he said we had to get out of the way of the turkish military as if the turkish military dictates u.s. foreign policy at the same time trump is repeatedly cold turkey this great ally of nato do you think that's a view that he holds by or do you think that's the advice that he has been given.
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it may very well be the advice that he is getting think that there are people here in washington who believe that the united states must hang on to this relationship which during the cold war was a very important relationship and that if the united states seeks to preserve the relationship good things can come of it i think what they are overlooking is the fact that the turks themselves would like to have a more independent foreign policy of the united states would like to develop its relations with countries like russia and iran in ways that are not necessarily in the interests of the united states so that no matter how the president treats turkey whether it's in this list this matter that the president does or if he follows the advice of members of the house and senate and sanctions turkey the turks will continue to. advance their own agenda their own interests in ways that they see fit regardless of the wishes of the united states yeah it's definitely as they say a relationship that is complicated steven cook with the council on foreign
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relations joining us tonight from washington d.c. even as always we appreciate your time and your insights thank you. my pleasure. well it was the world's worst industrial disaster but the description barely captures what help and in the indian city of bhopal 35 years ago in the early hours of december 3rd 1904 poisonous gas leak from a union carbide pesticides plant spreading rapidly across this it in that 1st night more than 3000 people died over the following years the number would rise to 15000 and many of the survivors they suffered as will go on colossal disorders cancer birth defects among a long list of health problems but it doesn't stop there 35 years later there's
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still no closure and there remains calls for adequate compensation better health care and a vault for justice. fit decades they have been campaigning some still living with their injuries. of is still baring their grief. that is about that night everything was destroyed my sons and daughter in law died and my leg was amputated. i have to drag myself around these killers did not heed anything why have they not been brought to court why haven't they been hanged they are responsible for this yet. it was december 1984 when 40 tons of deadly methyl i so psion 8 known as m i c gas escaped a pesticide factory in the indian city of bhopal within the 1st few hours
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3000 people were dead some dying in their own homes. hundreds of thousands more were injured many of them children. over the years the death toll has risen and official estimate stands at around $15000.00 the company responsible union carbide has never faced prosecution but it did you agree a $470000000.00 payout in 1989 campaigners say the company which is now owned by dow chemicals must pay much more in compensation including to the families whose children have been born with brain damage and with disabilities the people are waiting for it brought prepared get a standard medical treatment protocol that is needed that's not yet available and finally in some ways the most important question is whether the justice. the
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question many have been asking for 35 years and still it seems there is no on. what it is the sloan that you won't find on a male you know if you live in or you've ever been the longest nigeria you probably know about the slum city of macaco well known as the world's biggest floating city it is home to about 300 cells and people and despite it saudis rococo has never appeared on any city planning documents or melts but then it is about to change. welcome to my cocoa a floating slum in the nigerian mega city of lagos officially this part of the city does not exist you won't find these dingy canals and ramshackle house indicated on any city maps but john and his team are trying to change that on to their location
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tracking smartphones they crisscross the old ways with the aim of putting my cocoa and it's approximately 300000 inhabitants on the map where i was a man made up of girls from. actually. collected went of interest within the neighborhood putting their houses with these on the map so we can have more. points of interest on this in my book on city streets and have is enough to get. all of this going to be on the market for free. john works for south africa based ngo kota africa the organization behind this drive to map out the slums and improve the lives of those who live here. every point of interest is carefully entered into the system like what the floating barbershop. will have within your 100 month. to be part of the point of regional boards she wanted to come up with those who want a man who without property deeds or in many cases even illegal existence the
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inhabitants of makoto live with a permanent threat of addiction for this local traditional leader appearing on a map for the 1st time is a step towards cementing his people's place here. before in mark or core we were in the dark but now with the work you have done we traditional chiefs can see that you have done a good job we are only fisherman we didn't know how to mark out the different neighborhoods as you know we are very happy that. john believes that inhabitants of this part of the city should have access to the same knowledge of the neighborhood enjoyed by those who live elsewhere in lagos. all of these westy working on it when we are done it would look like the rest part of the goals. you can see st issey different. the public will now be able to see this neighborhood differently as the map is ready to go online. well the day is
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almost done but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at w news or you can follow me at brant goff t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day to remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see the never.
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even knew some skills are lacking in this small village. and yet the country is rich. but the huge oil revenues have been seeping out into government officials pockets. in the cities people have taken to the streets to protest. but what can.
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and teachers and school children in rural areas still live in 3000 in. d.-w. . belonging to an official estimates more than 1200000 venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. returned to vast. to visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know when i lived there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters. made for mines. welcome to the girl max new to china. good line of story. with exclusive insights. the must see concerning parts culture in europe
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the place to be full curious minds. do it yourself networkers. so subscribe it don't miss out. and now i'm going to be affectionate leisure but as affectionately as you can. be near putin in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 a documentary was filmed for russian television but director vitali munson captured much more of it to turn the camera back on the moon of course. the film secretly chronicled a power grab actually everything was seriously planned instruction. featuring thompson morning rolls to the freedom russia. and featuring a lead role like you've never seen before let me be clear with. the mayor that if you're a bitch to the ends justify the means. clinton's
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witnesses starts december 13th on d w. place . this is g w news wire from berlin nato is turning 70 leaders are gathering is wanted to mark the military alliance in 7 decades is there reason to celebrate president emanuel is calling for solidarity and standing by his warning of brain death and nato u.s. president donald trump says that language is simply nasty so will this route
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between leaders overshadow the stop to take a deal.


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